No timelock for renders

With our Plus plan, you are free from the rendering frequency limitations of our Basic (free) plan. Regardless of the Project Level, you can produce renders with no limitation to the output, as long as you have sufficient credits required for any particular level.


We know you have favorite items that you come back to again and again in your fantastic floor plans. With our Plus plan, you can easily access a near-limitless library of your most-loved and most-used Floorplanner objects, from furniture to accessories to architectural elements.

4 credits included per month

Credits are the currency we use to upgrade from project levels. The Plus plan includes four credits per month for your project needs. If you don’t need all your credits in a particular month, no worries! Your credits never expire as long as you maintain your Floorplanner account.

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Millions of images are created on our

platform every month with Floorplanner

PLUS is ideal...

..if you are a fan of home redesign shows, or a passionate reader of interior design magazines, or a student who is prolific with design, or someone who loves the interaction of technology and the art of interior could be the ideal Floorplanner Plus user!

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