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Frequently Asked Questions

Roomstyle Manual

Download here

The Drawing tool

Is there a manual or a tutorial?

Yes there is. Download it here

We also have some tutorials to learn the basics. Watch them here

I have trouble with my floor surface

Seems there are more than 1 showing through each other? We made this movie on how to get rid of undesirable floors or messed up floors.

How do I create a second floor?

You actually can’t do that.

If you want more possibilities for multiple floors, we recommend to try floorplanner.com, our other tool for floor plan drawing, architecture and interior design. In the near future we will give roomstyler a big update that gives much more possibilities :)

How do I easily find an object that fits?

Click the armchair icon to access the furniture library. Then click on “filter by dimension” in the sidebar. There will appear a magical rectangle in your canvas with which you can filter for objects that fit in that space.

How do I add my own artwork?

You can upload your own artwork and use that as a wall art on your walls, ceiling or scenery. Click the list icon and click “Photos” to upload your artwork. See our manual, page 18. NB you can manage your artwork in your Dashboard.

Can I apply a view to the outside?

Yes, upload an image to your own Photos (see previous question), then drag it into your plan and drop it on the “Apply scenery” icon that appears. Wide images work best.

I can’t get an item on the right side of the wall.

There is a limitation in Roomstyler for wall hanging items (artwork, wall panels etc). Wall items usually stick to the interior side, and will stick to one side only if the walls do not surround an area. So what you can do is try to make a room instead of a single wall or string of single walls, and then the items can be placed on both sides.

How do I make a skylight?

It’s tricky but not impossible. See this movie to learn how.

How do I put items on shelves?

Use a pedestal or table item sticking out of a wall to put items on a higher level and appear on a shelf. See manual page 17.

About Rendering

I want to render my room in high quality to render it top notch! What is the best quality I can get?

You can use 2 credits to get a 4K render of your room.

If you want a panorama image, 6 credits give you a 4K panorama image

Find out more about credits on this page You can buy them or earn them by winning a contest.

My items do not show up correctly on my renders!

They may have a missing texture or an invalid 3D model. Please let us know through our support mail, we might have to fix an item.

I’m not receiving my 3D image!

The waiting time for renders depends on the quality of the render you requested and the amount and complexity of the items in your room. Furthermore on how many people are rendering rooms. Sometimes you have to be patient. If you still haven’t received any result in an hour, or you got a ‘render failed’ message, please try again. There may have been something in the servers or connection that made it fail. If you still didn’t get any results, please contact support.

A wall is not showing up on my renders

Walls that have 1 or 2 open ends will not show on renders. You have to make it part of a room, so drawing a narrow room with very thin walls can solve this issue.

I see weird shapes on my floor or 2 different floor materials

Seems there are more than 1 showing through each other? We made this movie on how to get rid of these.

My room is far too dark (or bright)!

You can do several things:

1) Change the light settings in the popup you get when you request a render. You can also do this in the sidebar, click the lightbulb icon.

2) Try adding some extra windows, even on places outside view where in fact there are no windows can help.

3) Add artificial lighting and play with the intensity.

Furniture and Materials

Can we add custom items and materials?

You can upload your own artwork and use that as a wall art on your walls, ceiling or scenery. Click the list icon and click “Photos” to upload your artwork. See our manual, page 18. NB you can manage your artwork in your Dashboard.

Can I make requests for items or upload my own furniture models?

Not at this moment.

About Contests

How do the contests work?

Most contests on Roomstyler are for every roomstyler member, for fun and purely to learn from each other and hone your interior design skills. We at Roomstyler launch the contests, and anyone can participate. They run for a limited time, mostly 15 days time to submit, and during the last 3 days people can vote. You can only enter 1 room, you have to set your room to public, and anyone can view the rooms that are entered into the contest. Once the contest has ended your room remains public. Each participant can vote 10 times, but not on his/her own entry.

What can I win with the contests?

Fun, fame and skills! The contests are to hone your skills in interior design and to have some pleasure in creating and sharing beautiful interior creations. Popular rooms and designers will be more visible on the discover pages. You have to set your rooms to public to enter in a contest. The first 10 people win credits.

If I set my room to public, what then?

Then people can like your rooms, comment on your rooms and when participating in contests you can receive votes. People can follow you and you can get more known as a designer. A copy of your room can also be opened by other roomstyler users.

I can’t submit my room!

Make sure your room is set to Public. Even if you previously set it to public, rendering a room can sometimes set it back to public. Check your room page at the bottom right to see if it is public or private. Also a room has to be rendered.

Sometimes a contest has a template room. You have to use the button in the sidebar to draw with the template room And make sure it is public.

Another reason why you can’t submit a room is when you have a roomstyler whitelabel account. That means you didn’t sign up for roomstyler on roomstyler.com but on a website of one of our partners. In that case you have to contact support to ask if your account can be changed to a roomstyler account.

I submitted my room but can’t find it in the contest

Are you 100% sure? Often there are so many rooms you just can’t find it. Tip: Scroll all the way down to the bottom and press CTRL + f and search for the name of your design. That only works if you gave your design a kind of unique name.

There is a chance that we removed the design from the contest because it didn’t follow the rules or contest description. In that case, you have to alter your design and resubmit it when you are sure it Does follow the rules. For instance if the contest is about a bathroom, it has to be a bathroom. If you still can’t find it, please contact our support.

I see an entry that violates the rules

You can flag the entry. We now and then monitor the contest submissions, and entries that get a lot of flags will be often removed from the contest. NB: This is not air-tight, we. Please keep in mind that the contests are a place for fun and for learning, and some members don’t know that. You can comment on other rooms and (kindly please) note them that their room is not following the rules.

I found a room that is a copy or doesn’t follow the contest rules!

You can flag the design. Once more people flag a design we remove designs from the contest if it obviously doesn’t follow the rules. Please do not nit-pick over details. Consider that many people are also learning and doing it for fun. In the end, nearly always the best rooms get the most votes.

Can I run my own contest?

Not at this moment. You can always submit contest ideas to our support mail. Pretty helpful because every now and then we run out of ideas ourselves. Who knows your idea might end up as the next contest!

About room pages

What is the difference between private and public room settings?

Public rooms can receive likes, comments from other designers, any public room can be found on the discover-page. The more likes it gets, the more to the front it shows. You can build up your own portfolio with your rooms set to public. Other designers can also remix your public rooms, that means open it in the editor and play around with them. This way, roomstyler users can learn from each other. You will always be shown as the original creator of the rooms with remixed rooms.

For private rooms, other people can not view or remix your rooms, but you also can’t receive any likes, enter contests or use them for your portfolio on Roomstyler. They will not appear on the discover page.

About the Dashboard

How do I get rid of messages?

On your profile page there are a lot of options to control the messages you receive.

Where can I find the terms and conditions?